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The Palace 

The property comprises of the Jaswant niwas palace, Rang mahal, the cactus garden and the  palace museum. It is encompassed by the town marketplace in the front and by farmlands behind it.


Built in 1845 by Raja Takht Singhji, Rang mahal is the older of the two palaces and was formerly the zenana section. Jaswant niwas was built in 1898 by h.h Raja Sir Jaswant Singhji Bahadur k.c.i.e of Sailana. The palace was built during a famine to provide employment to the people of Sailana.


The property also includes the Maharaja Ratan Singhji  museum.. The museum displays old weaponry, artefacts and pictures from the family’s personal collection. A collection of paintings by late Maharaj Jai Singhji, younger brother of h.h Raja Vikram Singhji is also on display. The museum is the first in the district of Ratlam. 

The cactus garden

Hidden behind the palace is the famous cactus garden of Sailana, started by Late h..h Raja Digvijay Singhji, who was a celebrated plant collector and expert on roses, cacti and succulents. The garden, which is the first and oldest in Asia, is more than 70 years old and has numerous varieties of cacti and succulents.  The collection still comprises of cacti that were planted 70 years back, that have now grown to more than 25 feet. Many of the plants, including the golden barrel cactus, the organ pipe cactus & Mexican giant cactus were imported from America. Other varieties that are in the garden include the strawberry hedgehog cactus, the blue myrtle cactus and the night-blooming cereus, which as the name suggests blooms only in the night. 

A number of small animals and birds are frequently spotted in the garden and around the property including the common palm civet, grey Indian hornbill, Indian barn owl and collared owlet. 

In & around sailana

Sailana is a small town located in the Ratlam district of Madhya Pradesh. It is 20 kms away from the city of Ratlam and 50 kms from Banswara in Rajasthan. Other nearby cities include Ujjain, Indore, Mandu, Maheshwar, Udaipur and Baroda.


The Kharmour bird sanctuary is situated near the town and is the breeding habitat of the highly endangered lesser florican or kharmour bird.


Sailana is also famous for the two Kedareshwar temples-Bada Kedareshwar and Chota Kedareshwar-situated in the town. The temples are situated in man-made caves, carved out of a cliff. 

Getting there

Sailana is 20kms away from the city of Ratlam. The nearest railway station is the Ratlam junction railway station. The nearest airport is Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar airport, Indore. Sailana is a 3 hour drive from Indore. Other nearby cities include Udaipur, Ujjain, Baroda and Bhopal


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Sailana Palace, 

Ratlam District, 

Madhya Pradesh - 457550

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