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Sailana was a princely state that lies on the confines of the Malwa Plateau in Madhya Pradesh, close to the Rajasthan border. The Royal family of Sailana are Rathore Rajputs and descendants of Maharaja Uday Singh of Jodhpur. During the days of the British, the family were famous for their hospitality and cuisine. The present Maharaja H.H Vikram Singhji of Sailana and his family aim to keep this legacy alive and have spent more than five years renovating the property, while also continuing to maintain the cactus garden. The family also work towards preserving their culinary culture, which dates back to three generations of master culinary experts. Raja Vikram Singhji, a celebrated gourmet and gastronome, has conducted numerous food festivals across India. His son Yuvraj Divyraj Singh has completed his studies in the culinary arts with the aim of continuing in this field. 





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Sailana Palace, 

Ratlam District, 

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